Officers, Board & Members

Officers & Board 2017 - 2018

President - Steve Hoppel

Vice President - Barbara Eisenberg

Treasury - Ilee Rhimes

Secretary - Paula Driscoll/Irma Barragan

Past President - Bryan Lee

Joanne Cowels, Bob Pratt, Maryann Baum, John Thompson

Officers & Board 2016 - 2017


President - Bryan Lee

Vice President - Margarita Assael

Treasury - Ilee Rhimes

Secretary - Tom Anderson

Past President - Ute Van Dam

Debbie Lee, Howard Yaras, John Thompson, Robert Pratt, Barbara Eisenberg

Officers & Board 2015-2016

President - Bryan Lee

Vice President - Margarita Assael

Treasurer - Margaret Stafford

Secretary - Tom Anderson

Past President - Ute Van Dam

Bob Pratt, Debbie Lee, Barbara Eisenberg, John Thompson, Howard Yaras


 Thomas & Stephanie Anderson, Margarita Assael, Irma Barragan, Maryann Baum, Joanne Cowles, Paula Driscoll, Barbara Eisenberg Jolene Escalante, Denise Ferguson, Rich Green, Kelli Hays, Steve Hoppel, Mark Howe, Bryan & Debbie Lee, Emily Link, Major Mirza, Bob & Cindy Pratt, Ilee & Vera Rhimes, Bruce Rokos, Michael Schaible, Ken & Kim Simons, Margaret Stafford, John & Sandra Thompson, Mark & Ute Van Dam, Donna Welch, Howard & Mindy Yaras. 


Eternally devoted to the community of Moorpark!

Cal-Nev-Ha, Division 42

Kathi's Korner
August - September 2017

Dear Division 42 Kiwanians,

As another Kiwanis administrative year draws to a close, I just want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to serve as your Lieutenant Governor for 2016/2017.
Over this past year it was heartwarming and wonderful to see the vast array of life changing projects that you did so unselfishly to better the lives of others!  

Simply amazing! 

 I have heard it from those who have served as LTG before me, that their year of service in this role was one of their best, and I could not agree more.  I have made some great friends on this journey who will be in my life forever!

As we move forward into our new year, I want to welcome Mr. Eduardo Cué, your 2017/2018 Lieutenant Governor as he takes over the reigns and prepares to lead the Division. He shared his vision at the Installation on Sunday which focuses on building leaders and having fun as we serve.  I know that we will have a great year under his leadership, and I know that he can count on the support of our great Division membership.

Thank you again for everything!
Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep smiling!  You're something wonderful… 

You're a Kiwanian!